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Lost In A Forest

I hear Her voice calling my name

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check this out if you're a cure fan

I'm studying many things and also going through a life-changing process. It's hard to explain anything about me at this point but generally, I'm a seeker. I like to ask many questions and love to explore. I love nature and the energy around us. I respect everything that lives and find beauty in it each and everyday. I love music and how it makes me feel. I'm a BIG Cure fan mainly because Robert Smith's a musical & lyrical genius. Water makes me happy and I also wish I could fly. I've had numerous dreams about flying and hope to one day be able to do that and know I will while I'm still alive because there's enough energy in this world to carry me. I hate everything industrial and made-up, I hate everything fake and wish people could be happy living a more simple life. I hope to some day have a farm and live out where I can be close to Earth and have a meaningful bond between us. I'm tired of living life without meaning and blinded by ignorance. This is me for now and how I somewhat feel at this moment.

Blessed Be,

---oooooh and I have the coolest icons due to vblackangelv on icon_goddess